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We Hope You Had The Time Of Your Life!

Now It’s Time To Cash In And Retire

It’s true what they say, hard work pays off! You’ve been around the block, followed the twists and turns of life. Now it’s time to use the tickets and points you earned along the way to win valuable prizes. Learn how to cash in your raffle tickets below.

How To Submit Raffle Tickets & Win Prizes!

Step 1: Consult The Banker

Before picking any prizes, make sure you know how many raffle tickets you have. Head Banker Jamey will post your balance. But if you’re a real biz wiz and wanna calculate your own balance here’s the skinny:

  • Every 100 Life points = 1 Raffle ticket
  • The combined total of both Life and Life Event Points determines how many tickets you get.

Example: 545 Life Points  + 275 Life Event Points = 820 (8 Raffle Tickets)

Step 2: Spend Wisely

  • Look through the prizes and size up your favorites.
  • Click on each prize you’d like to submit a ticket for.
  • “Add To Cart” how many tickets you’d like to submit for that prize raffle.
  • Keep in mind you can spend raffle tickets any way you’d like:
    • Submit all your tickets for the same prize for a greater chance of winning.
    • Or mix and match your tickets with different prizes for your chance at multiple prizes.
  • Once you’ve claimed all your tickets, submit them by clicking the shopping cart in the top right corner and filling out your information.
    • Double check to make sure you use up all your tickets. They don’t roll over into the next game!
  • After confirming your cart totals, the correct number of raffle tickets you’ve earned, click the “Submit Raffle Tickets” button.
  • Check your email for a Raffle Ticket Submission Confirmation—if you can’t find it, check your spam folder.

Step 3: Keep Your Fingers Crossed!

Prize winners will be picked live at the January 7th ESP Meeting. ‘Til then, sit back and relax because we’ve got you covered. Don’t worry about printing numbers or keeping your tickets on hand—just have fun and good luck!